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  1. My name is Jean-Claude;… I am a Free man.

    Last monday, I was in the court room in Palais de Justice in Montreal and when the judge has call the name, I have declare that I was sovereign, so I did not enter their maritime court, I have stayed on the other side which seemed to upset the judge, so after asking me several times to come inside which I did not answer and I have handed out my birth certificate and told the judge if he wanted to talk to JCS he can come and talk to the birth certificate if they wanted to talk to JEAN CLAUDE the legal entity so he started yelling at me that it was a court order to come inside their court, so I have answered back very calm that I do not recognize his jurisdiction. After a long silence he turned to the lawyer who explained to the judge that I was sovereign and that I have asked the AMF to come in the jurisdiction of the common law on the 29th of October 2014, (the lawyer did not tell the judge before the first meeting on monday so the judge lost face in front of the 7 lawyers and the people seating in the audience and he was not to happy about that) ( I think it was the first time of its life that this happened to him) so he gave another date for me to come back for a proforma December 10th 2014. When I have checked the room that was appointed to me for the common law it appears that it is not a common law room in the Palais de justice.

    I would like to either talk with you or communicate by email if it is OK with you about finding information on where and how to go in common law here in Montreal.

    I have send notice of conditional acceptance and now I have to go in the common law court.I have spoken with several Free man and Woman and no one was able to give me the proper information. I have some bit and pieces but not the complete picture.
    I was told that you can help me into this matter.

    Thank you for reading this email and I hope that I was clear in my explanations.

    Have a beautiful day,


  2. Just great, very nice knowledge and good for us to know. But we all need help specially when we are paying taxes that are created by CRA to pay them back will be so hard. Do not know what to do ??? Need help please..

  3. Is it possible for CRA to put a LEAN on your house? and how can we protect ourselves from? Does that lean should be signed up be The General Governor or what ? Pls. Advise…

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