2 thoughts on “I Declare Im Free! – Bill Turner

  1. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” this term cannot be used against us as man or citizen in my interpretation as ignorance is defined as : lack of knowledge or information.
    So not knowing the law is not ignorance, as I have no knowledge of such a thing. If I know the law or am an agent of the law i.e police officer/man, lawyer, judge etc then it would be my duty to know and understand law in my jurisdiction. It is them in that capacity whom can only be ignorant having such knowledge or required to have and ignoring it, which would include common law, acts and statutes, the role they play as such agents of Parliament including the points Bill Turner has made in his clip on “Know your Rights” therefore everything they do is illegal on this quote alone, which in turn is used against us the ones without the knowledge.
    Am I correct in my assumption?

  2. Hi.

    Do you know the oppt movement, One people’s public trust. It’s saying the same things, please make a connection, thank you. Bye,

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